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You may imagine that everything will be perfect on your wedding day.  And why shouldn’t it be?  You’ve planned every detail, your checklist is completed and everything, including the planets, seems to be lined up just right.

Well, guess what?  Something, somewhere will go wrong.  And how you deal with those little disasters is going to determine whether you sail through the day with your head up and a smile on your face or end up in tears, sure that your special day has been ruined.

First off, no matter what goes wrong, your friends and guests don’t really care.  They are there to celebrate your wedding, not see a grand performance.  And the little things that go wrong, if handled well, can provide some of your best wedding stories.

The possibilities are endless.  So, be prepared.

Something rips loose:  Breathe. Have a small sewing kit available to repair buttons, hems, trim, sequins, tuxedo seams, whatever could possibly come apart.

Aunt Becky gives you a big smooch when she arrives, and suddenly you are wearing her lipstick on your cheek: Breathe. Have a small make-up kit nearby for quick touchups.

The flower girl throws up.  Breathe, but not too near the flower girl.  Hand her off to her mom and do without.  No one will mind.

You get the idea. Relax, be calm, and don’t let circumstances rain on your parade.

Once you are at your wedding location, let go of responsibility.  Make sure you have a couple people on hand, preferably not in the bridal party, who are willing to run interference and quick errands such as checking on the caterer, finding your deodorant, or the groom, or whatever else you need.

And once you start walking down the aisle, breathe…. and really let go.  This is your moment and the one that your guests have come to share.  Nothing else matters.

Here is a link to a list of just about anything you might need to get you through those wedding day challenges:


We all know that a group of bridesmaids wearing matching dresses that compliment the bride’s colors can look very elegant.  But if you are aiming for a less formal approach, there are several options to look at.

If you would like all of your bridesmaids to wear the same color, but want each of them to be able to wear a style that is comfortable and flattering, you can select the fabric and color for the dresses and then let each bridesmaid select the style that suits her best. This is a nice option when your bridesmaids come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and works well if any of your attendants are expecting.

Taking this concept a step further is letting your bridesmaids have full responsibility for their dresses, including the colors. If you go with this option you must remember to be firm about your guidelines.  If your wedding palette includes mostly spring pastel colors, you won’t want to see one of your bridesmaids dressed in black.  What about dress length?  Be sure to specify whether dresses should be short, full length, or somewhere in between.

Last summer I attended a wedding where the bridesmaids were dressed in a variety of solid jewel tone colors including bright blue, emerald green, dark red, and plum.   Each of the bridesmaids had selected a different style, but all of the dresses were the same length.  Grouped around the bride for the ceremony, they looked both festive and elegant.

Once you’ve settled on your colors, styles and lengths take one last look at your choices and then ask yourself, would I want to wear that?  If the answer is no, then your bridesmaids will probably feel the same way.  Make them happy, and they will add to the joy on your happiest day.

My husband and I were recently invited to two weddings, which included two receptions each, one following the other.

The first receptions were the traditional cocktails, dinner, toasts and meeting the bride and groom.  The second receptions were held at nightclubs after the first receptions had finished up, and were more of a dance party for all of the couple’s friends.

So why do a two-part reception?

Some couples are opting for small weddings, with just the wedding party, family, and closest friends invited.  This small wedding is followed by a traditional reception at a local restaurant or reception hall for the guests at the actual ceremony.  This can make the sit-down reception more affordable and a more intimate experience.

Later in the evening, after the wedding reception is over, the bridal couple arrives at a dance club to which they have invited all the friends that they wish to include in their celebration.  Guests from the wedding and first reception are also invited to attend if they wish.

So what is the advantage here? Relatives who rarely see you can enjoy a quieter, more relaxed dinner reception, with time to greet the newlyweds and not have to deal with blaring music making it difficult for them to hold a conversation.

With the second event a few hours after the first, the wedding party has a chance to catch their breathe, change into more relaxed clothes and then spend the rest of the evening dancing, schmoozing and releasing all the tension that comes with any wedding day.

Whether you rent out a private party room and include a full bar and food, or just pay your friends’ cover charges is up to you.

If you opt for this type of double reception be prepared to explain it more than once, and be clear that Grandma doesn’t have to attend the dance party, but she’s more than welcome to come and boogey down. She might just surprise you.

When most people check the box marked vegetarian on their wedding reply card they do so with the sure knowledge that they will be facing another tasteless version of vegetable lasagna.

One of the advantages of using a Santa Cruz based caterer is that you can move beyond the basic standbys and offer your vegan, vegetarian or restricted diet guests a truly delicious entrée.

Most Santa Cruz caterers are well versed in offering a variety of dishes that can meet almost any requests or restrictions you can imagine.  Several caterers are exclusively vegan and vegetarian.

Not only will these choices please your vegetarian guests, but many of these dishes can provide a unique and delicious experience for those who may have assumed that vegetarian fare is made up mainly of bland grains, tofu and bean sprouts.

Whether you wish to include multiple options for your guests or want to pull together a complete vegan menu for sixty, you will find the caterer you need here is Santa Cruz County.

Here are links to some of our local caterers who specialize in vegetarian fare:

Agape Feast Originals   http://www.agapefeast.com/catering.html

Elaina Love’s Pure Joy Planet  http://www.purejoylivingfoods.com/index.php

If you are planning on having a flower girl at your wedding there are several things that you should keep in mind as you plan your selection.