Cleaning and storing your wedding gown

If you are planning on keeping your gown as a keepsake of your wedding there are a few things you should be aware of.

You can try hand washing a polyester gown if you are willing to go to the work involved and follow directions carefully. I would think twice about this as it seems like there are a lot of ways this could go wrong.

Before you decide that you can simply drop off your satin and lace gown at your local dry cleaners do some homework.

Do you know anyone who has used the cleaner before for an item that needed special care?

Will they inspect the gown for loose trim and beads and make repairs before the cleaning?

Do they have a written guarantee of their work?  If the gown is damaged during cleaning, what do they provide as compensation?

Are they prepared to let you inspect the gown after cleaning and before the boxing is finished?  More than one bride, after opening her stored gown has discovered that cleaning has been slip shod or incomplete and in one instance, the gown had obviously been worn by someone else and then simply packed away, un-cleaned, in a presentation box.

Most cleaners are reputable and eager to do their best to clean and preserve your gown. With a little effort on your part you will be able to turn over your gown to their care with the confidence that it will be in good hands.