Meet and Greets for the Newlyweds’ Parents

Although you may have everyone at your wedding that you really wish to include, don’t be surprised if your parents have a whole other list of people who they want to share their joy at your being married with.

This list could include their neighbors, close friends, church or temple members, every teacher you ever had, the people they work with and even their favorite clerk at the grocery store who has seen you grow from an infant to an adult.

These are the people your folks talk to about you, even just in passing. And even if they only saw you occasionally or not at all since you left for college, the navy or your stint with Greenpeace, they feel like they know you and they share your parents joy.

Many parents will want to plan an at home meet and greet sometime in the first few months after the wedding.  Don’t be surprised if both sets of parents wish to do this.

Let your parents decide how formal or informal this get together will be, set the menu and the date and tell you when to show up.   This is their opportunity to host their friends and show off their new son or daughter in law.

Your job is to show up early enough to greet the first guests and stay until you have had a chance to meet and talk to all the guests. You may not remember any of these folks, they may not be your generation, and they may hug you too hard, smear your cheeks with red lipstick and tell you for the third time how they remember how cute you were in 4th grade, but they all care about you.

So relax, have a glass of champagne, look around the room, and realize how lucky you are that so many people are so happy for you.