Tips For The Pregnant Bride

It is not unusual for modern couples to start a family without deciding to get married first, and the number of couples doing just that is increasing.  Attitudes about marriage have changed quickly and dramatically in the last few decades.  Whether you find yourself unexpectedly pregnant for the first time in the middle of making your wedding plans or you and your beloved have three children and another on the way, pregnancy does not mean you must either rush into a quiet private wedding or apologize to anyone for your choice of lifestyle before deciding to say “I do” in a formal setting.

Planning a wedding is a big deal for any bride-to-be and even more challenging for the expectant bride. So here are a few things to consider as you set your sights on the big day.

Do your homework.  Will the officiant you hope to use or the organization that runs the location you prefer for your wedding, especially if it is a religious site, object to your very public, (and obvious) declaration of love in your condition? Get that taken care of before you lock in your caterer or send invitations.

Can you wear white?  You bet your butt you can.  The symbolism of white representing virginity for the bride is still a fairly recent concept and falling out of favor fast.  If your cousin Sophie can wear white for her third wedding, why shouldn’t you?  Then again, if you think white is boring, this is an excellent opportunity to wear a gorgeous gown in a great color.  Like seafoam, maybe. Well, maybe not.

Consider a shorter ceremony.  With little Emily doing back-flips on your bladder, you could find yourself requesting a time-out for a pit-stop in the middle of your officiant’s surprisingly complete rendition of how the happy couple first met.

Think comfort.  How big (and I do mean BIG) will you be by the wedding?  Take a look at your pregnant relatives or ask them how much weight they put on for their pregnancies.  Use that as a guide.  Be sure your dress will have enough room for both you and the baby to be comfortable.  And don’t forget the shoes.  Be sure the shoes you pick are still comfie at the end of the day when your feet may be a bit swollen.  If you really must wear the sexy, high-heeled strappy shoes for the ceremony, consider having a pair of soft flats for the reception. Sore toes do not make good dancing companions.

These are just a few things to think about.  With the right planning your wedding day can be the joyous event you have been dreaming of. Here are a few sites that you might find helpful: