Inviting none of your co-workers to your wedding.

First of all, if you are not planning on inviting any of your co-workers, or just a few,  to your wedding, there should be no problem if you handle it properly.

Sometimes co-workers assume that they are going to be invited to the weddings of their fellow staff members, especially when the office staff is small.

As soon as a wedding is mentioned, people just get excited, and often assume that the topic has been brought up in front of them because they are to be invited.  Hoping that you can avoid knowledge of, or discussion of your upcoming nuptials is futile.  Everyone is going to know.  That’s just the way it goes.

When the topic first comes up, be honest about who is, and isn’t being invited.  Don’t simply state that no one from the office is being invited.  Let your fellow workers know what constraints you face when making the guest list.  Your budget, the size of the venue, the number of relatives and close friends you are expecting, and your own desire for a more intimate experience are all factors in limiting your guest list.

Be gracious enough to tell them that you would love to have them all at your wedding if you could have an unlimited guest list, even if that’s not completely true.  That will go over a lot better than simply implying that you don’t like anyone at the office enough to invite them.

If you want to invite just a few co-workers, they should be the people you have become close to and socialize with outside of the work place, who you consider to be good friends.

Wedding invitations should be mailed to the home addresses of your invitees.  Handing them out at work smacks of handing out birthday invitations to your friends in the 4th grade at school.  There is no good reason to make anyone feel like they are being omitted even if they would never have expected an invitation.

If you really would invite some or all of your office mates, given no limitations, consider having an informal get together at your home when you return from your honeymoon.  Have your wedding album available to share and serve light refreshments, or if you wish, champagne and cake.  They will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

And yes, you do have to invite them all, even the creepy guy in the third cubicle.