Grace under fire…surviving small catastrophes on your wedding day.

You may imagine that everything will be perfect on your wedding day.  And why shouldn’t it be?  You’ve planned every detail, your checklist is completed and everything, including the planets, seems to be lined up just right.

Well, guess what?  Something, somewhere will go wrong.  And how you deal with those little disasters is going to determine whether you sail through the day with your head up and a smile on your face or end up in tears, sure that your special day has been ruined.

First off, no matter what goes wrong, your friends and guests don’t really care.  They are there to celebrate your wedding, not see a grand performance.  And the little things that go wrong, if handled well, can provide some of your best wedding stories.

The possibilities are endless.  So, be prepared.

Something rips loose:  Breathe. Have a small sewing kit available to repair buttons, hems, trim, sequins, tuxedo seams, whatever could possibly come apart.

Aunt Becky gives you a big smooch when she arrives, and suddenly you are wearing her lipstick on your cheek: Breathe. Have a small make-up kit nearby for quick touchups.

The flower girl throws up.  Breathe, but not too near the flower girl.  Hand her off to her mom and do without.  No one will mind.

You get the idea. Relax, be calm, and don’t let circumstances rain on your parade.

Once you are at your wedding location, let go of responsibility.  Make sure you have a couple people on hand, preferably not in the bridal party, who are willing to run interference and quick errands such as checking on the caterer, finding your deodorant, or the groom, or whatever else you need.

And once you start walking down the aisle, breathe…. and really let go.  This is your moment and the one that your guests have come to share.  Nothing else matters.

Here is a link to a list of just about anything you might need to get you through those wedding day challenges: