Selecting Bridesmaid’s Dresses

We all know that a group of bridesmaids wearing matching dresses that compliment the bride’s colors can look very elegant.  But if you are aiming for a less formal approach, there are several options to look at.

If you would like all of your bridesmaids to wear the same color, but want each of them to be able to wear a style that is comfortable and flattering, you can select the fabric and color for the dresses and then let each bridesmaid select the style that suits her best. This is a nice option when your bridesmaids come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and works well if any of your attendants are expecting.

Taking this concept a step further is letting your bridesmaids have full responsibility for their dresses, including the colors. If you go with this option you must remember to be firm about your guidelines.  If your wedding palette includes mostly spring pastel colors, you won’t want to see one of your bridesmaids dressed in black.  What about dress length?  Be sure to specify whether dresses should be short, full length, or somewhere in between.

Last summer I attended a wedding where the bridesmaids were dressed in a variety of solid jewel tone colors including bright blue, emerald green, dark red, and plum.   Each of the bridesmaids had selected a different style, but all of the dresses were the same length.  Grouped around the bride for the ceremony, they looked both festive and elegant.

Once you’ve settled on your colors, styles and lengths take one last look at your choices and then ask yourself, would I want to wear that?  If the answer is no, then your bridesmaids will probably feel the same way.  Make them happy, and they will add to the joy on your happiest day.