Themed Weddings: From Coordinated Colors to Fantasy Extravaganza

A themed weddings can mean something as simple as using the same set of colors for everything from the bridesmaids dresses and your bouquet to the candles on the tables and the favor holders.

It can also mean using a concept such as seaside wedding or winter wedding and carrying the theme out in a more complete fashion with appropriate decorations.

On  another level it means creating a period or fantasy  theme that can include costumes for the bridal party and the guests with coordinated food and decorations. This could be anything from a formal Renaissance wedding to a Halo themed blow out.

If you are thinking about an all out re-creation of your favorite historic or fantasy setting, there are a few things to consider before you get started.

Can your guests get on board?  Can your family and friends get into the mood?  Will your parents or older relatives be offended, or will they find your ideas exciting?

Make sure everyone knows what to expect.  A little preparation ahead of time will go a long way toward making everyone comfortable with your plans.

Don’t let the most important thing, the fact that you are getting married, get lost in the details of creating a fun event.  This is still your wedding, not just a party for friends and family.

Do as much as you are comfortable with.  You don’t have to completely transform your  reception area into another world.  Draped fabrics, table decorations and  food that matches your theme will go a long way to create the proper setting.

If your dream wedding is the exact opposite of what your parents have in mind you might consider two weddings.  Your first wedding could be a more sedate event for family and close friends, followed by a reception tea or formal dinner.

Your second wedding would be your fantasy wedding.  Family should still be invited but they will probably be much more comfortable knowing that they have seen you wed in a more traditional style.

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